Caisson Contractor

Caissons are cost–effective and structurally sound means for locking in structures to bedrock.  Caissons are used in bridges, buildings and water treatment plants.

At LB Construction Enterprises, clients started requesting our help in building caissons for their projects, since we were able to produce them faster than they could internally. Normally, we build the caissons at a client's site; but we soon
discovered the lack of space for effectively producing them onsite.

One client asked if we could build the caissons and ship them in and that is how we started. Feasibility studies were completed to determine how we could maintain the cost savings while safely navigating caissons along highways (in a quantity that made sense). After some trial and error, we emerged with a system that was cost effective and allowed us to deliver several hundred caissons. Armed with these safety procedures and processes, we started shipping caissons to clients wherever they were needed. So, if you need caissons on your site, we have options; let us know the specifications for the caissons you need and we will utilize our delivery avenues to get them to you.