Rebar Installation

Rebar is short for reinforcing bar and is used in bridges, water treatment plants, buildings, parking garages and tunnels. In other words, rebar is all around. Most rebar is made of unfinished tampered steel.

LB Construction Enterprises uses a 3-point-strategy for projects to make them a success; Plan, Prepare, Produce. It is simple, but effective.  During our planning stage, we identify issues that can potentially stop a project.  Then, we prepare the jobsite according to our plan, which leads to a safe and efficient production.  In fact, plans and specs are getting worse each year, within this industry.  If errors or omissions in the plans are not caught in the planning stage, they will halt a project and throw off the best schedule.

Our expertise helps reduce that risk to your organization and your project.  At LB we "lift the bar" on rebar planning and installation.


LB constantly pushes the accepted bounds of technology, process and safety improvement to be the “#1 rebar installer in the world”.

  • Our goal is to span across the US and Internationally.  We have developed a system that can be implemented anywhere.  Initially our expectation is to do work in such a way that people notice and have us consult on projects that may be outside of our core geographic area.  As our team grows we can then demonstrate this process anywhere. 

  • No matter what we are doing, we are looking to be the best.  We do not mean the biggest or even the most recognized.  However, when it comes to getting the work done, we are looking to learn from those in front until we emerge and distance ourselves from the pack.  


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